Deep Thoughts

Brought to you by Pet Pantry Staff and Their Two to Four-Legged Friends


Samantha and Walter

Laura, Store Manager

“I love meeting new friends at Pet Pantry.
Reba here gives me free acupuncture.
Bring it on, Reba!”


Samantha, Retail Associate
“Walter likes to hang out with me at the store and snitch treats. You’re a bad dog Walter, and mumma wuvs you soooooo much!”



Betty White (pictured) says, “In accepting this award for Cutest Dog Ever, I’d like to thank my sponsor Pet Pantry, my groomer, my fans, and last but not least, the gal who’s always there for me when I need to go out,
Candy, Retail Associate.”



Brennan, “The Braun”, Retail Associate
“Betty may be cute, but she’s not going to be helping
carry that 50-pound bag of dog food to your car!”

Hug Nelson Day




Nelson (right), Store Mascot
“Eat your heart out, Betty!”.